Podcast: Episode #9 – Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

Welcome to Episode #9!  This episode is on iTunes as well as YouTube! https://youtu.be/E32_J3IWEPw

We’re sure everyone has been pretty busy with their summers, but we’re back into the swing of things!  We look forward to bringing you regular content on The Backyard Fence podcast.

Malori and Diane (and other family members) got to vacation in Prince Edward Island, Canada at the end of July!  It was a fun and rejuvenating time.  Now Malori is back in nursing school and working her residency at the VA, and Diane and George are empty nesters again (till Abby comes home for holidays/summer).

“Did You Hear?” Health in the News

Malori and Diane discuss how to start living a healthier lifestyle, and it first comes down to mindset and setting goals.  Self-reflection is key!  Malori created a free workbook to help with this, called My Healthy Habits Workbook.  You can download it at http://livingawarriorlife.com/healthy-habits-workbook.

“Just Do This” Easy Recipe

Not a recipe today, but Diane gives an intro to the Instant Pot!  (Hop over to The Backyard Fence on YouTube to see the video!)  She has been doing Facebook Live videos as well.

“What’s Growing in Your Garden?”

Most of Malori’s stuff has died, but she did get a new, unusual plant!  Diane and George’s garden has been producing MASSIVE WATERMELONS!

“Oil in the Family” Essential Oil of the Day and “Diffuser Dreams” Recipe

Eucalyptus is the essential oil of the day!  Use in the shower to create your own personal eucalyptus steam room – no spa fee required!

As always, you can email us at podcast@thebackyardfence.org with questions, comments, or topic requests!  If you know of a person who would make a great guest, let us know and we’d be happy to consider them.  Also, take a minute to rate and review us on iTunes.  It will help us to reach more people with the health and wellness message!

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