Podcast: Episode #7 – Interview with Deb Arndt “Going Gray Naturally”


Debt ArndtWelcome to Episode #7 and our first video podcast!  You can see the video at www.thebackyardfence.org and also on YouTube: https://youtu.be/V7Ka5rNRS8g


Today’s podcast is a guest interview!  Our guest is Deb Arndt, Diane’s sister who is closest in age to her – just 1 year and 24 days younger.


Deb holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Masters Degree in Administration and Leadership for Education, both from Kent State University in Ohio.  She’s been in the teaching field for 27 years and has taught mostly special education, but has also taught all the way from preschool to community college.


Deb is a guest today because she wanted to talk about the health benefits of “going gray naturally,” both from a physical health point of view as well as mental health perspective.



Start watching Deb’s Going Gray Naturally series here: https://youtu.be/uGgMxFOK4TU – there are 13 videos thus far, so make sure to watch them all to follow her transformation!


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