Podcast: Episode #6 – Gluten Debate, Summer Veggies, and Cedarwood


Welcome to Episode #6 and a new, upgraded listening experience!  No more echoing sounds. 🙂


Update from Malori: dealing with a staph infection in her eyelids, but on the mend.  She also attended a free entrepreneur workshop for women veterans and military spouses, which was very eye-opening and educational!  Check out www.sba.gov for free small business resources.  Malori is also getting her meat and fresh grassfed milk from a fabulous North Carolina farm called Natures Roots Farm – loving the 100% grassfed beef, forest-fed pork, and free-range, no-soy-fed chickens!  Check out the yogurt maker Malori is using for making cream-on-the-top yogurt! http://amzn.to/28Pri4x


Update from Diane: not too much news on the homefront.  By the time this podcast episode is out, her son Jordan and his wife Sydni are back from their honeymoon cruise (and no one got seasick!).  Summer is definitely here in Texas: almost in the 100’s and muggy.  Diane has gotten the house back in order from the wedding craziness and is continuing with detailed organizing.


Health in the News:
Check out this article about Michael Pollan’s outlook on gluten: http://www.wellandgood.com/good-food/michael-pollan-gluten-fermented-sourdough-bread/


Malori says to remember that science is never black and white, and it’s fluid!  Also you have to account for your unique body chemistry, etc.  Remember that being Paleo does NOT mean sticking to a dogma!


Other opinions on the whole gluten thing:




“Just Do This” Easy Recipe:
Roasted Yellow Squash and Okra: cube the squash, cut off ends of okra and put in a bowl.  Drizzle olive oil (Malori likes Kasandrinos brand) and 1-2 teaspoons of the spices of your choice and mix.  Roast on 375 for about 15 minutes, depending on how cooked you like your veggies.


What’s Growing in Your Garden?
George is growing sweet potato slips! Basically, you cut a sweet potato in half, stick toothpicks in it, then suspend it in a glass of water. It will begin growing roots into the water and “slips” out of the top of the potato. You break off the slips and then root those in water, then plant the rooted slips in your garden.
20160617_185852 20160617_185931
Malori also planted several things in her raised beds, like purple heirloom pole beans and pickling cucumbers!


Purple pole beans
Purple heirloom pole beans


“Oil in the Family” Essential Oil of the Day:
Cedar wood (juniperus virginiana): This oil has a very warm, woody scent, might remind you of an old cedar chest.  It’s native to cold climates and is very tall, up to 100 feet!  Cedarwood can evoke feelings of vitality and being relaxed, and is also clarifying to the skin.  You can also use it for repelling insects naturally!  Malori uses cedarwood with her husband Mark to help him sleep more soundly – cedarwood stimulates the pineal gland and helps the body naturally produce melatonin.


“Diffuser Dreams” Recipe:
This woodsy scent is sweetened by the use of the flower oil, ylang ylang. Diane finds it to be very relaxing!
3 drops cypress, 3 drops cedarwood, and 2 drops ylang ylang


Let us know your thoughts about the gluten topic!  What works best for you?  Please email us at podcast@thebackyardfence.org.  If you go to www.thebackyardfence.org you can get the most recent podcast episodes, show notes, and resource links.

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